Thursday, April 1, 2010

March Reflection

March was a busy month for my family!
Let's see how I did on my list:

1. Get laundry completely done for at least one day! Fell short on this one again this month. I've gotten close though!
2. Have the sweetest time ever in Madison with my hubs. We had more fun than I imagined! It was definitely memorable!
3. Give my hubs and awesome an awesome bday! Considering we were in Madison for his birthday, I would have to say that his birthday was awesome!
4. Have a relaxing birthday for myself. I wouldn't say it was relaxing, considering that I was working on projects, but I did have a great day!
5. Throw a killer birthday for my son, John. Well, it would have been better if he had given out his invitations at school like I asked him to, but we still had an amazing time!
6. Get at least a B in my accelerated class. I did even better with an A =D
7. Drop 5 pounds or more. Blah. I only dropped 2. Oh well, it's still progress!
8. Decorate for St. Patty's Day for the first time ever! Done
9. Find sunblock that doesn't stink. Nope, still searching.
10. Begin my island transformation. The weather hasn't been cooperating. It's finally nice out, but I'm just waiting on my taxes to get back for a little bit of "play" money.

Tomorrow I will work on my to-do's for April!

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