Monday, April 26, 2010

It's Good To Be Back!

Well, I'm back!
I see that we have some new people around here!

For those that are new, I was absent for a week due to my son's "Media Challenge" at school. No tv, video games, or computer for one entire week.
Let me tell you, that really is a challenge!

Since doing ANYTHING is better than sitting in front of a blank screen, we all exhausted ourselves this week!

My week:
1. Installed walls and trim in the playhouse. I can't wait to show you that!

2. Fixed our basketball hoop. A bolt loosened up and fell out sometime this past winter, and it was just begging to fall down off the garage and onto our vehicles!

3. Fixed my husband's tailgate trim on his truck.

4. Mulched my gardens for the first time after buying our house. Hehe, yeah, that's sad...

5. Planted a raspberry and blackberry bush for Earth Day!

6. Went to Milwaukee to watch a Brewers game (we got spanked!), then went to Chuck E. Cheese's on the way home!

7. Trimmed more kitchen cabinets.

8. Said "bye" to our very best friends who moved to North Dakota. =(

9. My husband cleaned our garage spotless! I didn't even ask him to! He rocks!

I learned a lot from this little experiment!
There's a lot more time in the day if you just shut off the tv!
The kids don't miss tv as much as you would expect. They had more fun flying kites with me!

Anyways, it's great to be back, I missed you all!
Stick around, I have lots of projects for you coming up!

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  1. Glad your back, you've been missed! I can't wait to see the pics. and...I just now did my flower beds since buying the house too (sadly)!


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