Thursday, February 18, 2010


I'm lazy.
Okay, maybe not with renovating and crafting, but I'm the laziest gardner you will find. I don't do annuals. Well, I do hanging baskets, but I never plant annuals.

I want an easy-maintenance perennial garden. All you have to do is spread mulch and de-weed every spring.
That's it.

I know, you're thinking "Yeah, and pay the $1000's for it!"

So this year I'm growing my own perennials. Seed packets are cheaper than mature plants.

That's what I decided those ugly herb planters would be used for.
(Originally they were going to hold office supplies for my craft room, but that reno can't be started until Summer)

Here's my army of perennials:

Hopefully this thrifty tactic will work =P

Goals for this year's garden:
1. Build a proper arbor for the swing my grandfather build.
2. Split my rhubarb. They are getting overgrown.
3. Plant a rasperry bush. Or two or three =D
4. Transplant another lilac bush.
5. Mulch mulch mulch. I never end up mulching. It will be done this year!
6. Finish the concrete patio.
7. Contain the epidemic of bearded irises that have taken over my backyard. Those things multiply like rabbits!

It would be an accomplishment if I even do two things on that list, haha!

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