Sunday, February 14, 2010

Double Digits

The sweet pre-teen years.

Today, for Valentines Day, I was given a pre-teen.
Pre-teen: 10-12 years of age.

But of course, this hasn't been an overnight ordeal. Today it finally hit me that the cute/funny/obnoxious/cocky/flirty things he's been doing lately are predecessors to the era of being a teen.
How could I miss that?

1. Blushes everytime you mention his girlfriend.

2. The first step to doing homework is putting in his earbuds to his MP3 player.

3. Taunts and teases his dad whilst playing video games ("How do you like that, punk?!")

4. Dots all his i's with a heart when he spells his girlfriend's name. (Way too cute!)

5. INSISTS that he needs to wear boxers from here on out.

6. Steals his dads Axe body wash and cologne. (hahaha...and uses WAY too much!)

7. He has to come with me to buy his clothes. Ya know, just in case I pick something lame-o.

8. Carries a wallet. (Really? What do you have that's so important in there?!)

9. Sits next to his girlfriend in class. Ladies man =D

10. Most importantly: his prayers at supper have gone from "Dear Lord, thank you for video games" to "Dear Lord, thank you for food, our house, family, and friends, Amen"  I.E. the kid's showing a great sense of morality. I'm proud!

And of course, throwing him a killer birthday bash was on my February To-Do List, so here's some highlights of that:

Except, of course, I forgot the birthday candles. lol.
But he got to blow them out on a piece of cake at home ;)

Happy Birthday William. We love you, and look forward to a lifetime of your quirks!

You know what that means? I'm ahead of schedule for my To-Do list. Does it surprise you that it's "For one day, be caught up on laundry..."? Nah, me

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