Thursday, November 19, 2009

Velcro Photos

Yesterday I showed you my new wall above my window. I took out all these white framed photos (being too large for the space)...
and ended up with this.
It feels more open to me. Yes, I will eventually replace those ugly curtains, the broken light/fan (not even joking, broken from my husband playing Wii tennis), and I still need to paint the sconces. But it still is much better than before.
But what happened to all those photos?
I switched my large wedding one with that cool square scroll thing you see above. So now my wedding photo is above my entertainment center. There's nothing fun or cool about that, so I'm not even going to show you.
I've done a fun project with the rest of them.
Velcro Door Photos
I decided to put those photos on the kids' doors. What a fun way to show who's room is who's.
The problem was that I couldn't just hang it on the door. Kids slam doors, the pictures would definitely fall and break.
I didn't want to glue or nail it to the door, either. I eventually want to be able to change out the photos.
My solution was velcro.
-Sticky velcro strip (MAKE SURE it's the sticky stuff, not the stuff for sewing!)
1. Measure across the top of your frame.
2. Cut a velcro strip to that length.
3. The velcro was thicker than my frame, so I also cut the velcro in half down the length of it. You might want to do it also, to save on velcro.
4. Peel off the sticky tape on your velcro and attach it to the top/bottom of your frame.
5. Press the other velcro on top of that side. (I put the hard stuff on the frame, and did the soft on top of it.
6. Now peel off the sticky backing of that while it's still attached to the frame. That way, when you put it on your door, it's 100% guaranteed that it will be in the right spot.
7. Have a level handy to make sure that your photo will be basically level on your door (it doesn't have to be perfect!)
Pretty neat, huh?
I have these letters that I took off my son's door to put this photo on. He's had these letters even before he was born, so I definitely want to keep them around.
They obviously need to be painted a different color. And I'm getting rid of the N and the Y. We no longer call him Johnny.
But I can't decide on a color. I can't do it BLACK because it would look weird with all the brown stuff around it. I can't do it BROWN because the photos will remain in black and white.
I was thinking WHITE so that if sort of blended in with the door, but since they are 3D, you could still see them.
I'm not sure.
I'm confused at this point.
What do you think?

If you love tablescaping, stick around next week. I'm busting out the bone china (yes, ladies, I DID say bone!!)
If you haven't done so yet, go check out Transformation Thursday at The Shabby Chic Cottage. You don't want to miss it!

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  1. I like the velcro idea! as for the about a contrast colour such as red?


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