Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Garden Birdhouse

I found this decorative birdhouse at Goodwill the other day. Though with the Christmas lights attached, it was ugly, but I knew it had awesome potential.

So I took off the Christmas lights and gave it a good coat of spray poly...

made a stake by cutting angles using a miter saw, then attached it to the bottom using wood glue...

stuck it in the ground in my corner garden, and BINGO! I love it!

And that's why you always buy something you love. (If it's a good price!) This bugger only cost me $3. The poly, stake, and glue I already had.

Notice the crazy plants that invaded my garden? It's sunflowers! From my birdfeeder. Though I will love having boquets of sunflowers in my house in a few weeks, I'm hoping that I get my post-light next summer to avoid this in the future.

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