Monday, August 3, 2009

Bathroom Remodel

Here's the pics on my bathroom remodel as promised.

The walls are canary yellow. It's a very small bathroom on the second level of my house, and I wanted something very bright and cheery to open up the space.

I was on a tight budget for this project, so I installed a white chair rail all the way around the walls and painted below it to give it a wainscoating/country paneling type look. It's much cheaper than buying the paneling and the look is about the same.

I added a big mirror (not pictured for lack of a decent angel to take a picture) on the wall behind the door to add the illusion of depth.

I didn't have enough money in the budget to install new flooring, so I painted the linoleum a bright white and put a plush pastel yellow rug over the top.

For a touch of luxury, I added a hemp basket on

the back of the "Crapper" (a little inside joke for those readers that were at the family reunion this past weekend), with soft face towels rolled in them.

Since the angling of the ceiling didn't permit for a mirror to be added to the back of the sink (unless I wanted a view of my chest every day), I hung a beautiful painting of a flower with soft pastels over it instead. The opposite wall has two similar paintings, but smaller, hanging.

With the purchase of expensive (but on Yellow Dot at Younkers, so not so expensive for me!) decorative towels, a few nice candles, fake tropical plants, and pretty tealights (that my mother-in-law made), my bathroom came together wonderfully.

Sure, there are some more things I have planned. Like changing that ugly light (that happens to be a fan that vents into my closet. Dear Lord....) with a gorgeous sconse I've had my eye on, new fixtures on the sink, and matching accesories. But for the most part, I'm pleasantly pleased with my remodel.

Sorry I don't have any "before" pictures. It was so bad. Let me explain. Floral wallpaper all the way to the ceiling. The door was wallpapered with the same crap. Then the ceiling had wallpaper (I know, absolutely stupid). But not with ordinary wallpaper. On no! With FABRIC wallpaper! Who does that?! I was in such a hurry to get this project started, I completely forgot to take "before" pictures. Sorry!

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