Thursday, July 2, 2009

Work hard, Play harder

I almost fell asleep at the wheel today. That was pretty scary.
I've just been so busy. Like today:
-Made a trellis
-Made a room divider
-Mowed the lawn
-Painted a table to carry the drink tub
-Wrapped up 30 spoons/forks/knives into cute little festive napkins
-Unclogged the gutters
-Installed more gutter screens
-Swept the deck and washed the wicker cushions
-Commuted to school, took a test
-Went shopping for the party
-Painted the porch railings
-Hung all my plants.
-Potted a butt-load of flowers
-Began cleaning the house
-Helped my husband install our new digital antennae
-Filled all the bird feeders

I didn't know I could do so much within a day. I'm so exhausted, but yet I still have to give one more coat of paint to my bathroom remodel before it's done. So up and coming posts:
Bathroom remodel
How-To screen room divider
How-To Trellis
Update pics of the patio
4th of July recipes and decor

Stay tuned!

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