Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Large Scrap Trellis

Alright, let's get the How-To on the scrap Trellis done. If you cut a straight line when making your garden room divider, there should be no cuts to make here.

Large Scrap Trellis
-Your scrap piece of standard lattice
-2 8' 2x2's
-staples and staple gun

1.Your scrap lattice should be 8' long. Unless you want a freakishly large trellis (in which case your 2x2's would need to be 10' long) trim off 2 feet off the length of the lattice.

2. Stain the lattice and your 2x2 poles. I actually spray painted my lattice white and only did 2 coats to let the natural wood shine through, giving it a weathered look. This technique also made it pop out better from the side of my white garage. I stained the poles with the same color as my porch railings.

3. Staple your lattice to the top of one 2x2 pole, then do the same on the other pole on the other end of the lattice.

4. Dig two holes spaces as far as the poles into the ground. I only dug down 1 foot because my trellis is stabilized by the side of my garage, but if it's going to be more free-standing, dig the entire 2' down.

5. Plant some nice vines according to your climate zone.

Here's a picture of the side of my garage, almost finished, with some newly planted lilac bushes, my old broken wheelbarrow, trellises, and the previously posted room divider.

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