Friday, July 17, 2009

10 money saving Tips

***Tips from Brittany's Pocketbook***

I'm a sucker for sales. Even worse, I'm a sucker for anything FREE. Who isn't? With this economy, I decided to share a few secrets for scoring deals:

1. Click on "In stores now" and then "Free Samples" For an entire year I didn't purchase a stick of deodorant because Walmart's sample sizes generally can last over a month. Check it weekly.
2. Another one of my favs. They have a daily list of freebies, so check it daily! I've gotten everything from kitchen gadgets to dog food to months worth of shampoo on this site.
3. Department stores. You can score tons of makeup and perfume at counters. Most places like Younkers or Macy's (the ones that have the makeup counters), the associates actually work for the makeup company. The company's worry more about making repeat customers out of you, not making a sale right away. So go up to the counter and tell them that you've been shopping for something specific (weightless foundation, anti-aging creams, etc.) but that you don't want to commit to anything until you've tested it. Sometimes they will slap some on your face right there, but much of the time they will send you home with a tube. I haven't paid for makeup in years.
4. Another Department store. Ask for a sample of a perfume that just came out. The stores usually have sample tubes. If not, spritz a complimentary card 3-4 times with the perfume that you love and stash it in a plastic bag. This can honestly last quite a few days.
5. Spring cleanup. My city sets a few days aside once a year for you to put stuff on your curb that you no longer want. People can come up and take whatever they want. After the said amount of days, city workers will haul away what's left. I got my beloved potting table that way. Just take a car ride around your neighborhood and see what you can find!
6. Hold a swap meet. This can work with basically anything. Swap clothes, split perennials and swap, DVDs. Pretty much anything can be swapped amongst friends.
7. Go to your local health department of government financial center and pick up brochures. I picked up one that is a Dolly Parton reading thing. Anyone ages 5 and under is eligible to receive a new book in the mail every month until they get too old. And it's FREE!
8. Do the same for health insurance if you aren't insured.
9. Kiosks. Oh my lord, do those people running the booths want to do some crazy things to you, but if you have the time, it can be beneficial for you to take your time and let them do it. I've gotten free massages, free pedicures, and free makeovers from those silly places.
10. Rain barrel. I haven't gotten one yet, but it's on my agenda. Half my water bill is just from watering my gardens every day. Let mother nature pay half that bill for you ;)

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