Sunday, June 7, 2009

New Van!!

Okay, I've been gone for a couple days, so I'll update you on the happenings in my household.

I was having a string of bad days. I brought my van into the shop. The mechanic said the head gaskets were gone and it would take $1,500 to repair. Okay....that's more than the POS (piece 'o') is worth. That's not worth it at all! I was mad at myself for a while b/c I only had it for less than 3 years. I didn't beat it up or anything. It was just an old van to start out with.

So it will be going to the junkyard. Yay, now I don't have the van for transportation. Well, at least the truck is an extended cab to haul children. But I start classes tomorrow, and I am commuting an hour and back 4 days a week. A HUGE truck....that's going to be a nice gas bill =P. it's been a while since I've had a really good day.

But then I had ONE day. This "euphoric" day. The weather was perfect. I got so much yard work done. The gardens were looking awesome. top off my day: I got a new van!! And not just ANY van....Here's the highlights:

1. 2004 Grand Caravan (I've never had a vehicle in the 2000's)
2. Leather seats
3. Push-button doors, even the back door! I never have to touch a handle again, lol
4. Seperate driver and passenger climate controls (that'll stop SO many fights)
5. A button in front to vent the back windows, lol
6. Moon roof
8. Headphones so that I can listen to the radio and the kids can listen to their movie with the headphones. Cool, hey?? All wireless
9. The DVD player is a 6-disc changer!!
10. Hookups for game stations! Yes, we are thinking about putting the PS2 in there, since we use the Wii in the house.
11. A bunch of "little" things that make it the sweetest ride ever.

So, after all my vehicles I've had, I think my new van is the most "pimped out." And all this stuff is stock. No, I didn't add anything to it. Some comments from the fam:
"I really love this vehicle"--John
"Can we watch all our movies out here now?" --Will

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