Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Copper Coil Napkin Ring

I just randomly started doing this project today. I hadn't planned on doing any craft projects today, but it works!

Copper Coil Napkin Ring
I came up with this idea a long time ago when I saw something similar being sold at Younkers for $6. And though the rings at Younkers are DEFINITELY better quality and better made, I made these for free. And instead of $60 worth of napkin rings ($6 each and I made 10), this whole project cost me nadda. BUT if you don't have copper wire laying around, it doens't cost much at all.

-Copper wire (I don't remember the gauge, but make sure it's small enough to bend. They usually come in a bundle twisted around each other)
-needle-nose pliers
-wire cutters
-cup (or any cylindrical sturdy object the size of a napkin ring. A candle could do)

1. Pinch one end of your wire between the pliers and begin twisting around the pliers. Wrap it about 5 times. Slip the pliers out of the twist.
2. Hold the bottom of your twist against the cylinder and wrap it once around.
3. Cut your wire a few inches away from where the wire made a complete circle around your cup. This will give you room to make your other coil.
4. Make a coil at the other end by repeating step #1.
5. Make sure the coils line up by each other (reference the picture if you don't know what I mean) and slip a napkin through.

We just set out our outdoor table, so I've been thinking of what linens I want for the table, when I realized that I need napkin rings. So for 30 min worth of my time, I now have fully functional napkin rings. Plus when the copper starts to oxidize, it will be so naturally BEAUTIFUL!

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