Saturday, May 16, 2009

Store etiquette

You ever read those articles where waiters/waitresses get to complain about how people treat them and tips on how to be a better customer? Well, after a long day at work, I'm making my own list on how to behave at a retail store.

1. When you get done trying on clothes, please hang the article back up properly and put it in the designated area if you aren't going to purchase it. If you can't do this, then please don't complain if you had to wait at the checkout for 15 minutes. We just spent 15 minutes putting those clothes back on hangers.

2. Only 1 person per dressing room. Unless they are your kids, of course. That makes us feel like you are trying to steal.

3. DO NOT put your purse behind my counter and ask me to watch it for you as you do the rest of your shopping. It is NOT my job to watch it, and if I need to walk away, I WILL. Complain to my manager all you want. We are not liable.

4. I love being personal with all my customers, but if there are 5 people behind you, I really can't listen to the cute thing your kid did today.

5. If you aren't really planning on buying something, don't "thumb" through everything. We spend most of our day straightening the things that you didn't really want.

6. Be nice to an associate, and they will be nice back. Kindness goes a long way.

7. Don't ask for coupons. It isn't our fault that you forgot them and you live 50 miles away. Plan ahead. We aren't being mean, but it's against store policy. If we give them to you, we are risking our job. You're not THAT important.

8. Get off your stupid phone when you are at checkout. Vital info is being passed.

9. Show me that you have coupons right away. It's a waste of everyone's time when we have to re-do everything.

10. If we forget to take off an ink-tag, it wasn't personal. We see over 100 of them a day (each person) so if we accidentally miss one, we are deeply sorry.

11. I get 15-45 minutes for a break. If I'm on break, please ask another associate for assistance. We do a lot on our breaks, and that time is vital for us.

12. Black Friday is hectic. Yes, I understand you are cranky b/c you decided to wait outside our doors for 10 hours. But we don't get to shop at all on that day, and we just spent 3 weeks preparing for that one day, and we had to be there early too, so get off our cases.

13. If your coupon isn't eligible for something you have, tough. Read the fine print.

14. Keep an eye on your kids. Please.


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