Friday, May 22, 2009

Silverware Windchime

Good day, good day.
Had an awesome gathering last night. A few buddies, nothing special. We lit the fire pit and had a good time.
Anyways, yesterday I put out the garden toadstools, silverware windchime, and fixed the copper one. So as promised, here's the how-to on the windchime:

Silverware Windchime
8 pieces of silverware (I did 5 spoons and 3 forks)
Fishing line

you'll also need good drill bits. One to to through porcelin, and one that's heavy duty enough to go through stainless steel. I also used a drill press.

1. Drill two holes through the teacup near the center next to each other.
2. Drill 6 holes through the perimeter of the saucer. Keep the drill bits small. Then drill two holes near the center next to each other.
3. Change up your drill bits and drill a hole in the hande of each of your silverware. On one spoon, drill a big hole through the spoon part. This will serve as a point to hang it from.
4. String fishing line through each of the spoons/forks and tie through the holes in the perimeter of the saucer. If you made the holes small enough, the knot shouldn't fall through.
5. Put a dab of glue on each knot. Fishing line likes to unravel, and I found that out the hard way.
6. String your fishing line through another piece of silverware. I chose a bigger spoon. This one will aid in moving the center ball (teacup) to hit all the silverware.
7. You should have to ends of the line in your hand after looping it through the spoon. Tie a knot above the spoon about 6 inches up. Your teacup has two holes. String one string through each, and the teacup should sit securely on it. Tie a knot on the top also, (I had my teacup upside-down so it wouldn't hold water. I did that with the saucer also)
8. Tie another knot some inches above the teacup for the saucer to sit on. Length depends on how long you made the string for the silverware. You need to make it long enough that when it hangs, it will hit somewhere on the silverware. Too low and it obviously won't make any sound.
9. Put your saucer on, then tie a knot on top also. Tie the extra string around the handle of your last spoon (the one with a hole on each end).
10. Hang it up by the huge hole on the top spoon and enjoy!

Some pictures of my garden for you to enjoy also!

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