Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Fridge magnet, Mom tips

Well, here's the HOW-TO on my son's fridge magnet.

Beaded Flower Fridge Magnet
Misc beads
Mighty Putty
Super glue
cookie cutter

1. Roll out your clay until it's about 1/2 in thick.
2. Press your cookie cutter into the clay and tear off excess clay. I just used a round jar lid for mine b/c we were originally going to do this project a different way.
3. Follow the directions with drying. Some air dry, others you need to put in an oven
4. You can do the mortar/grout way, which is messier. I had Mighty Putty sitting around, so I used that. Press the putty all over the top and sides of your shape.
5. Use a large yellow bead for the center of the flower, press down.
6. Add whatever colors around the yellow bead. My son chose purple b/c it's his fav color. Make sure to get the sides of your shape.
7. Super-glue magnets on the back. I chose the heavy-duty ones b/c with the beads, this object can get pretty heavy. Wait for it to dry and put it on your fridge!

I also made a copper windchime yesterday. I'm not satisfied with all of it yet though, so once I make the changes and hang it, I will post pictures. And I will also be starting a plaster toadstool project soon, so there will be a how-to on that also.

Tips from Brittany's Bathroom
Yeah I know, it's pretty random considering the content above, but I just felt like it.
Anyways....do you have kids? Remember all those random products that you used when you were pregnant or you had a newborn? Why waste them?
Palmer's cocoa butter for stretcch marks---it have ingredients that boosts elastin, right? Makes it harder to get stretch marks. Well, those same ingredients are used in almost all anti-aging creams. Instead of paying $60 on a 1-oz. jar of department facial creams (yes, they are that expensive, sometimes more), just buy a tube of cocoa butter. It's cheaper and works just as well.
Lansinoh for Breastfeeding Mothers----this is a cream that you put on your.....love buttons, lol. It heals cracks fast so that it doesn't hurt next time you breastfeed. I still use mine, but for the lips. My step-son gets chapped lips all year long, and this stuff can clear it up within 24 hours. And it doesn't have the bad taste of Vaseline.
It may sound strange, but when you have sagging skin and bleeding lips, I'll be the one laughing.

Anyways, my son's dr. appt. is in an hour. Pray for him!

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