Friday, May 8, 2009

Copper Windchime

So I have the windchime done. I'm tweaking it yet again, so the end product won't be the same as the picture. But here's instructions:
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Copper Windchime
Copper tube
Copper wire
Smaller copper wire
Fishing line
1x wood
pipe cutter

wire snips
drill and drill bit for metal

1. Cut your copper tubing at different lengths (regular intervals). I started mine at 7 inches and went up an inch each tube.

2. Drill two holes opposite each other at the end of each tube. You will use this to hang them

3. Take your bigger sized copper wire and start twisting it to make a spiral.

4. Twist the smaller wire around 6 different locations around the perimeter of your spiral. Wrap it tightly so that it doesn't move. This is for decoration and it will be the spots that you hang the string from.

5. Make a loop with the smaller wire and wrap it around the center of your spiral for a point to hang the windchime.

6. Loop the fishing line through each of the tubes and wrap them around the points around the spiral. Repeat until all the tubes are dangling.

7. I took a 1x4 board and cut it into a square, then cut each of the corners off. It made an octogon. I thought this would be much easier than trying to make a neat circle. Paint/stain/varnish it, and drill two holes next to each other in the middle.

8. I look thin plywood and made a rectangle, then cut the corners off just one side to make a "tag" shape. Then I drilled a hole through the top. Paint/stain/varnish it.

9. String some fishing line through the tag, then make a knot 6 inces up. Stick your octogon ontop of the knot, then knot on the top. Then add a bit more space (depending how how low you hung the tubes) and tie it on the center of the spiral.

****Note that on mine there are copper wrapping around the tubes. DO NOT DO THIS! I thought it would be a nice decorative touch (which it does make it look pretty) but it greatly sacrificed the sound quality. It makes a "clink" instead of a "gong". I will be changing it to the directions above. I just have to get a good drill bit.

Anyways, remember those toadstools I was going to be working on? I attempted one, and failed horribly. I will be making two of them for Mother's Day, so time is running out. So I need to figure out another way to do them. I will probably head into work early so that I can do a little shopping around for supplies and give 'er another go.

Work is giving me more hours, too. So I don't know how much time I will have to keep up with these random projects. I hope I can squeeze everything in!

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