Tuesday, May 26, 2009

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What a vacation! Highlights:
-Birthday party was fun. My nephew is now 1! Happy Birthday Ethan!
-My daughter got at least SOME sleep in the hotel. Kid vomited in the pool, so we couldn't swim until the morning. Ugh.
-The Brewers took the game against the Cardinals in the 10th inning. Really exciting game!

Anyways, so I'm back at home and waiting for some good weather to finish some projects of mine. Does it seem like I'm always crafting up some project? Yeah, that's because I always am. Either crafting or remodeling. That's my thing.

Anyways, future How-To's:
-Garden Room Divider (needed a craft to get rid of a heap of chicken wire that I happen to have)
-Outdoor Needlework artwork
-Rock Mosiac Wall hanging
-Jazzed up Flower Boxes

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