Thursday, March 19, 2009

CNA Certification

Ya know when you have 1000 things up in the air, and the ball is in someone else's court to get things done? Geez I hate that. I like doing things myself so that I know they will get done and done right. But I'm waiting for sooooo many important letters/phone calls to come in, and it's literally making me so ornery (is that how you spell that?) that I'm actually picking fights with my husband, lol. So if I seem a little negative in most of my posts, that's why.

I've been waiting FOREVER to take my CNA certification test, but nothing came in the mail yet. So my instructor gave me the # to call. The American Red Cross just mailed it late. I suppose, they have more important stuff to do, like save lives. Teehee.

So once I pass this, I get to apply for Certified Ass-wiper jobs. Yay!! But thankfully this will only be temporary. I don't know how long "temporary" is, but soon I can apply for my RN class, and I will need a new rake for all the dough I will be making =). And I'll actually have a job that I may enjoy for once! Yay!

So now there's only 999 things up in the air that I can't do anything about buy wait. But I sure can call people to inquire about progress until they actually want to drop what they are doing to wait on me.......yeah.....

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