Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ruff Hewn

My obsession with Ruff Hewn started when I saw their awesome Fall decor line.
Ruff Hewn Harvest Dinnerware Collection Covered Pumpkin Bowl
My pumpkin is white/cream. I like to put candies in this dish, or put a big chunk of floral foam in it and press in some flowers.
It makes an awesome display.

Then I saw these great leaf plates.
I had to have them.
Ruff Hewn Harvest Dinnerware Collection Leaf Plates - Linen

Awesomely creamy white.

Of course, I had to have chargers to go underneath those awesome plates.
Ruff Hewn Round Charger

Actually, you can see that I frequently use them in outdoor dining, as well.

Though, since I've since relocated these chargers indoors, I'm thinking about replacing my outdoor ones with these:
KN Home Karen Neuburgerâ„¢ Square Charger

They are pretty inexpensive, and square, just like the outdoor dining table.
....but I'm getting off track, because these chargers are KN, not Ruff Hewn.

Then my obsession started morphing.
I found this auto emergency kit.
Ruff Hewn Auto Emergency Kit

Hey, a girl's got to be safe, right?

Then, I saw that they make some of the most comfortable clothes!
Ruff Hewn 28" Long Sleeve Acid Wash Crochet Cardigan

Mine is a beige/light brown color.

Actually, I have a great pair of sneaker, too. It's not listed on the website, and I know it's discontinued.

My latest find:
This awesome baking dish.
Ruff Hewn 9x13" Rectangular Ceramic Baking Dish - White

Now, I have a glass 13x9 dish...but it's nothing in comparison to this one!

And my special four-cheese lasagna looks amazing in it!

Now, I'm definitely not telling you to go out and buy all this stuff! I found most of this stuff at the end of the seasons, so I scored them on Yellow Dot.

I just know that a lot of my followers' hearts skip a beat when they see cottage/country-style.
Plus, I wanted to show you my obsession.

Well....that.....and Fossil jewelry....but I won't even get started on that!

***Though Younkers does pay me (you know...since I work there...), my opinions are solely my own. They do not pay me to advertise or say nice things. Trust me...I would let you know if I think a brand sucks. (cough) Bella Cucina (cough). ***


  1. LMAO about Bella Cucina! You crack me up! (Lasagna looks DELISH by the way!!)

  2. Brittany! We are so exciting to see your comments about Ruff Hewn. I am Andrea, the Design Director over Ruff Hewn! Thank you for your kind words!!! Please visit us on our facebook page, ruff hewn, or visit our line of ladies, mens, kids, infant, shoes and home at We just introduced plus sizes this week, too! thank you, thank you!


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