Monday, November 22, 2010

2-Minute Bathroom Organization

I try to keep all my organization not only functional, but attractive as well.

But you know what? If people aren't going to see it, who cares if it's not attractive!?

I (heart) bobby pins. I use them all. the. time.
Now my daughter uses them all. the. time.

However, it seems like I have to buy a new package every other week.
I lose them like crazy!

I knew that I needed some better organization to keep them in place.

A jar?
No. I would have to dig in the bathroom closet for that. And let's face it...I'm lazy.

The medicine cabinet?
It would make sense, since I do my hair in front of it every morning.
No. It's already pretty full.

Then I had one of those lightbulb moments.
Magnetic strips.

I went to Walmart and bought one of those magnetic strip rolls. The ones with a magnet on one side and sticky tape on the other.

I took everything out of my medicine cabinet and noticed that the mirror was much larger than the opening for the medicine cabinet.
I decided to put magnetic strips on the very top, the bottom, and in the middle where there were no shelves.

Cut the strips to size and press them on firmly.

Then add your bobby pins!

Then I thought, " know...we can never find tweezers or clippers in this house. I wonder if it'll hold that, too?"


Is it pretty?

Is it highly functional?
Heck yes.

And I haven't lost a bobby pin yet.


  1. That is SO clever. What a great idea. Now when you need to pick a lock you'll know exactly where to find the equipment! xx

  2. You, my friend, are BRILLIANT!! I am TOTALLY doing that this weekend!!

  3. I have also seen where you can use one of those paperclip magnetic jar things for bobby pins...

  4. for the bobby pins i got a shot glass... haven't lost on ever since!!

  5. OMG this will save my life YOU HAVE NO IDEA!!

  6. Fantastic! Saw this on Pinterest. Thanks!

  7. I love this idea so much that I tried it that same day. However my strips were not sticking.They keep coming off. Did you use something other then the tape on the back?


  8. I use little clay pots, I got my kids to decorate them to look cute, they hold eye liner, mascara, bobby pins, nail clippers... I even got them to decorate spacial one with their names on them for their toothbrushes and tooth paste...

  9. I can't tell you how clever this idea is, and how much it's going to make my life easier! I'm going to Walmart right now and buying this strip for my cabinet.

    Fabulous idea!

  10. Very clever idea and I think I will do this! It's so hard to keep track of bobby pins!

  11. This is amazing!!! Thanks for the idea!!

  12. Hello,
    I LOVE your Idea and tried it, but I can't seem to get the magnetic strip to stay on my medicine cabinet doors, do you have any other ideas? Thanks Loving all of your Ideas

  13. I'm with Jan 11 Anonymous. I got my magnetic strip from the hardware store because I didn't think the ones from Walmart would be heavy enough (also my Walmart doesn't have it). The adhesive won't stick to the cabinet and the magnet won't accept glue. Though, as I'm typing I just thought of using hairdryer on magnet so maybe then the adhesive on the back would work better.... but either way, the magnet isn't strong enough to hold tweezers, nail clippers, or anything else heavier than the bobby pins. It's possible what I have was meant for nails, but I have plenty of nails heavier than my tweezers. Any suggestions? Are your tools just that much lighter than mine?

  14. Oh! Just found this. My magnetic strip was coiled up a long time and probably demagnetized itself:

  15. Oh, wow! What a great idea! ;D I'd never seen these magnetic strips before.

    Hope you've started the week off with a huge smile! ;D


  16. My daughter is a competitive gymnast and we are constantly buying more bobby pins because we can't find them when we are getting ready for a meet. If this works, it will a huge time saver! Thanks,

  17. This is really a great idea. I have not really thought of that before. I generally purchase the little mini drawer units to hold my hair items such as bobby pins. However I think the magnetic strip is a good idea for metal items. Maybe we can get the kids to put them away more frequently.

    Love it!


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