Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Great News on top of Great News!

Can you tell that I'm having a great day?

Well, today I think I have busted through that problem. Let me explain:

1. Goo Gone = does nothing. nadda. zip.
2. Goof Off = does nothing to the glue, but turns the paint into a gummy mess as well. Double gummy! Ahhh!
3. Industrial strength adhesive remover = same as Goof Off. See above.
4. Paint stripper = same as # 2&3
5. Sand paper = works, but EXTREMELY tedious, and not worth the cost in paper.
6. Ever SoniCrafter attachment known to man = still using it! (Will explain in a second...)
7. Mineral Spirits = I may as well have spit on the stairs to clean it. It would have done a better job...
8. Steamers = a really HOT gummy mess.

My in-laws came over the day of my frustration. My mother-in-law suggested Krud Kutter.

I was very skeptical.

In my head, "All this heavy duty stuff didn't work, and you think a household cleaner would?"

It did....

Haha, isn't that great?

How To Get Carpet Glue Off:
1. Scrape as much carpet backing/glue off as you can. This is easiest done with the scraper tool on the SoniCrafter. Using a regular scraper will take you hours what the SoniCrafter can do in seconds. This is a great investment!
2. Spray a liberal amount of Krud Kutter on the glue. Let sit for about 10 minutes.
3. Wipe away (I've been wiping with a paper towel! It's that amazing!)
4. If any residue is left, repeat steps 2 & 3.

Some spots are more difficult than others, so you may want to get a good scrubber as well. The trick is to scrape away so much that only residue is left by the time you use Krud Kutter. You also have to use a lot, so don't expect to buy only 1 bottle for a large area such as mine!


With any luck, I will be done with these stairs soon!

Stay tuned, because I have something awesome/amazing/FREE to show you!

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