Sunday, September 12, 2010

Concrete Bench

My mom rocks.
My mom is awesome.
My mom is gorgeous/talented/strong/handy/smart/insert adjective here.

My mom is my best friend.

She never lets me down....actually...she always pulls through for me.

I bring this up, because my mom scored this for me, for free!

Okay, this picture would look a lot better if I had pulled all the rampant weeds, pulled the mulch over the concrete footings, etc. but I was so excited to show you!

And no...that's not one of those cute little decorative garden benches! That's a full sized (heavier than heck) bench!

You can't find a concrete bench like this for less than $400!

We have finally stepped over "the threshold" for weather here in the U.P.  I really can't get a whole lot of building done any more, unfortunately. The days are usually in the low to mid 60s. Not great for painting.


BUT...I want to show you what I'm envisioning for this cute bench.

Perhaps a cute arbor like this surrounding the bench:

Except it would also have a back panel on it. I love the white architecture!

And maybe I would plant some nice climbing roses to sprawl all over it!

Wouldn't that be lovely?

Did I mention yet that my mom rocks?

Anyways, if you love The Lettered Cottage, you'll love what I've got "cooking" for you coming up soon!

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