Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Featured: The DIY Showoff; Bookcase Decorating

The DIY Show Off

Good evening everyone!
I got an exciting email from Roeshel over at The DIY Showoff today. She featured me again (4th time?), and I couldn't be more ecstatic!
Not only is she awesome, but her friends leave the nicest comments!
I'm so glad that so many of these nice people stopped by my little corner of the blog universe!

I'm hoping everyone sticks around for the grand reveal of the bookcases!
It's all finished, but I'm just waiting on these baskets to come in from Target.
That's only $11 per basket! That's not bad at all!
They are made specifically for DVD storage!

But since I don't want my entire bookcases lined with baskets (I have a lot of DVDs....) I'm going to be also ordering these from Target.

...because the easiest way to decorate is to copy the store picture!


Thanks again, to Roeshel, for everything!
Check out the special feature here!

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