Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Talk to Your Neighbors

My mom always said "Be nice to your neighbors. After all, they are the only ones looking after your home when you're gone."

Good advice!

I finally got my land surveyed for a fence.
That's awesome!
Though again, we're not sure if we will have the cash to actually erect it this year.
(This happens every year!)

While I was putting in our floors, Hubs was being a sweetheart and doing some chores.
He put in a load of dishes, turned it on, and left.
I came through the kitchen to get to my workshop, and noticed that my dishwasher was smoking!
I ran to the basement and killed the power to the entire house (not going to spend time looking for the exact fuse to the dishwasher!)
It was fried!
Here's my husband tearing out the dishwasher.
Which, by the way, took us 3 hours!

I'm yelling that to the previous owners, not you!
Was it seriously that hard of a task to take out the dishwasher, then install the flooring underneath?
I had to cut a section of flooring out, and a bit of trim from my cabinets.
Nothing that a bit of trim can't fix!
Oh, and no, it wasn't Hub's fault, our dishwasher has been acting cranky for the past couple months. I knew it would be junk soon, I just didn't think it would start smoking!

So today I am picking up our new dishwasher!

So, like I said, we got the land surveyed.
In the survey, I learned that this tree is on my property:

I've always been a bit jelous of my neighbor for this tree.
It's a plum tree!
Pretty, right?
And it smells sooooo good when it's flowering!

The tree's little offspring is also on my property:

So I had to talk to my neighbor about what we were going to do about this.

Turns out, this was my tree all along!
And to think, I had been jelous of my own tree this whole time....

Moral of the story:
Talk to your neighbors. You might find out an interesting thing or two!

1 comment:

  1. Does it make fruit?
    You may decide to share the spoils with the neighbor...although they aren't spoils if they are yours...they'd be bounty,instead.
    I think it's only 'spoils' if it is ill-gotten fruit, or perhaps, taken during a skirmish!

    I sound like a pirate...I have no idea, why I'm typing this way...

    Congrats on the tree!
    Sorry to hear about your loss... (dishwasher)!
    I must be getting sleepy... I can't quit rambling...


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