Sunday, May 2, 2010

May To-Do

Oh man, I'm a little worried about starting this month!
I have soooo many things that need to get done!
I'm determined to get everything done, though, so give me lots of support and encouragement to get me through this!

1. Fix up the playhouse.
I need to get it painted, install carpet, and add curtains this month!

2. Buy new outdoor lights.
I like these ones from Lowes, but I can't make up my mind on which ones would look best on the house!

Priced at $49.00

Priced at $49.98

Priced at $24.98

Priced at $19.98

Which one would you put on this house?
Please help me decide!

I was thinking maybe the $24.98 one. I like that it's a bit bigger. Since the light wires are on the tops of the doors, I think I need something to cast a downward light. And since I only can have one fixture per door, I think it should be the bigger one.
What do you think?

3. Get A's in my two Psych classes.
I dipped down to a B in one of them, but I'm determined to get it up!

4. Paint the entryway.
Here's what the green should have been will be!

This is what I got.

Wow! Seriously?! Quite the difference, right? That's okay, we'll just redo it. No problem!

5. Install my new flooring!
My carpet gets shampood at least once a week, and it still looks like this.

I'm soooo sick of it! This carpet just attracts dirt, even if I scotch guard it after shampooing it. So it's getting the same laminate flooring that's in my kitchen. I was coveting the bamboo, but it's more than double the price, and I have a huge living room. That wasn't in my budget!
It's sitting in the back of my vehicle, just waiting to be put in!

6. Begin erecting our fence!
I'm ridiculously excited about this one! We've been wanting to build a fence since we bought our house, and it's finally going to happen! I just sent in the money for a land survery, then I'm off to get my permit!
It's going to be 6' planks around the backyard, but the front yard is going to get a low picket fence with a gate. I can't wait to start the flower beds around my picket fence!

7. Begin getting my craft room ready.
We are getting rid of all of our basement furniture during our city's spring cleanup!

8. Trim out the rest of the kitchen cabinets.
I have all the trim already, I just need to force myself to get it done!

9. Transplant as many lilac bushes as possible!
My neighbor gave me free reign to split and take all of his overgrown lilac bushes! It's a big mass, but I know that once I split them, they will flourish! I'm literally going to have 20 lilac bushes in my! It's my favorite flower! I couldn't be happier!
This is all overgrown lilacs:

10. Build my circle bench.
The lumber shouldn't cost me that much. I'll definately show you when it's done!

11. Buy some supplies to get my island transformation done.
Lol, this is acutally going to happen...It's just wishful thinking!

Think I can make it??


  1. You can DO it!
    I like the light you chose, the $24 one...
    As far as getting it all done...I think the floor will be the easiest. Buying it is the hardest part, and your is in the van already. Once you get the carpet ripped up... it's all down hill after that (smooth sailing)

  2. Thank you so much for the encouragment! We are moving some furniture tonight, so hopefully I will be able to begin the fun stuff tomorrow!

  3. My carpet is the same way! Arrr! Feelin' your pain. :)

  4. Absolutely you can do it. I have a similar amount which I refuse to write down - I would just freak! xx


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