Friday, May 28, 2010

A Bookcase Update

I realized that I haven't posted anything since Monday!

I've been super-busy, (okay, yesterday I went to the beach, but whatever!), but I was able to build at least one bookcase.

It's white behind the bookcase because the backing is painted beadboard.
It was cheaper than the unfinished beadboard, and it was going to get painted anyways.

So now I just have to build another on the other side, add all the face trim, prime and paint!

I have an entire Saturday off (that never happens!), so I'm cranking out as much as I can.

So, when you build bookcases, they should be properly anchored to a wall.
Portable bookcases will sometimes have a strap.
Built-ins should be anchored straight to a wall.

You can't anchor it through the backing. Backing is generally 1/8th of an inch.
That won't hold!
You have to anchor it through the main frame.

I knew that I needed a pocket-hole jig.
Kreg is definitely the way to go.


I'm not a master wood crafter.
I just wanted two slanted holes!

The Kreg Tool site sells them for $21.99
I bought mine at Menards for $10.50.

It was perfect for what I needed!
It may turn out to be my new favorite tool.

Anyways, I followed the instructions (different placement of the Jig and the bit stopper for different sized woods), and now my bookcase is securely attached to the wall studs.

Thank you, Kreg jig!

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