Saturday, May 29, 2010

Beaten and Battered

Do you ever have those days when bad things happen over and over again?

Last night, I found out that my cordless drill has some killer torque. Instead of twisting the screw, it twisted my wrist.
My elbow felt like Jell-O.
My wrist made a terrible crunching noise.
It took me a moment to realize that, no, I did not break my wrist.

I shaved off a good deal of skin off my thumb.

I've hammered my thumb more times than need be.

My daughter clogged the bathroom sink with makeup wedges and flooded 3 rooms. I'm crossing my fingers that mold doesn't appear in my now soggy basement.

At one point I almost threw a hammer at my bookcases.
Calm down...

My commitment has paid off, though.
The brute work of the bookcases is done.

I'm still installing the face trim, but that's easy-peasy.

My husband was a little worried about this project.
I have a habit of not writing up a detailed plan before I start.

My "blueprints" don't usually have any drawings on them. Just a ton of numbers/measurements for me to remember.
The drawings are in my head.

However, since a tutorial was requested by a reader, I did a few drawings and labeled some pieces.

I'll scan and post them on the final reveal!

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