Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Playhouse Window Boxes

As you may know, my plans are to fix up the kids' playhouse for my April To-Do list.
I've been working very hard on it so far.
I've already made window boxes.

First, I made a basic box using scrap 1x4s.
Make sure you have drainage holes on the bottom! Though I have fake flowers in the boxes right now, some year I may be ambitious enough to plant real flowers.

After securing my box together, I began gluing/nailing scrap reclaimed fence planks to the front and sides of the box.

Then I sent it through the table saw to clip off the bottom excess.

I didn't like the how poiny the top of the planks were, and they were too uneven for my taste.
I set my rip fence to take a bit off the top.

I liked that much better.

Then I stained the boxes to match the trim on the playhouse (which also matches my own house).
Then I attached it to the playhouse, added foam (which had to be glued in to battle the wind), stuck in my fake flowers, and stepped back to admire my handy work!

(Yes, I realize that the shutters need touch-up paint. Intricate work will be done later.)

I also added a simple doorknob so that the kids don't have to grab the latch to open the door.

The playhouse is really starting to come together!

Now I just have to:
-Add stationary plexiglass windows. The old windows were sliding ones. The kids popped them out constantly and never shut them, allowing bugs (spiders and hornets!) to come in.
-Add an address sign. Wouldn't that be cute?
- Put in new carpet.
-Paint the walls.
-Add furniture.
-Add battery operated sconces, like these from ltdcommodities.com
-touch up the paint
-Add a painted welcome mat (I can't put in a real one because the door would hit it.
-build a mini picket fence (will probably need a building permit first)
-install a mail box (after I build the fence)
-add a pathway (again, after the fence is built)

I just realized that my kids are spoiled....


  1. I say again...you are amazing!! Thanks for linking up, our readers are going to love this!! I am going to feature you in a bit!!

  2. That playhouse is adorable & your flower boxes just made it perfect.


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