Monday, March 15, 2010

Day 14: Spend Some Time Outside

I'm terrible with getting these done on time. Sorry! I guess I was over-excited about getting my early birthday present last night (not so excited about the blisters from putting it together).

Anyways, on to...

Day 14: Spend Some Time Outside
I'm amazed at how little people spend their days outside. Sleeping, working, going to school, maybe the gym. I know, it's tough.

Being outside not only boosts your mood, but you need at least 15 minutes outdoors to get your daily amount of Vitamin D.

Tips on making time:
1. Go outside during your work break. I wish we had an outside break area like many factories do.
2. Do the same at school. Most campuses have an outdoor eating area. Take advantage of it.
3. Take a walk instead of going to the gym. I work out at night, and no one should walk alone at night. Maybe I'll just work out twice a day ;)
4. Play outside with your children (or pet!).
5. Wash your own car instead of bringing it through a car wash.
6. If all else fails, make sure your shades are wide open in your house. It boosts your mood and makes your house look pretty!

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I finally received the giveaway gift, so I'll be showing that soon!

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  1. Oh I'm so excited to get to spend some time outside. It's especially hard to be kept inside (by weather) with a 2 year old! I'm so excited for warmer weather that I've come up with a 20 Park Tour of the parks in our town (there's more info on my family blog) I'm really excited about it and to get LOTS of outside time for the little guy!


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