Sunday, March 14, 2010

2010 Birthday Wishlist

It's that time of year again. One year older, one year wiser, one year closer to wrinkles (haha).

So I need to make my annual birthday wishlist.

What I Have My Eyes On
1. BHG Entertainment Center
Most affordable entertainment centers don't fit large flat screens. I like entertainment centers, my husband likes large flat screens. It's been a big debate in our house. We almost died when we saw this in Madison.
(He's at the moment off "picking out" my birthday present. He loves me!)

2. Pfaltzgraff Country Cupboard dishes (and any of it's accessories!)
I had a heart attack when I saw this come off the shipping truck. Glazed white with distressed brown accents. Did I die and go to heaven? It's more affordable as the 16 piece set. (My dishes ARE getting pretty bad. So this isn't a whim purchuse.)

3. A garlic press
Don't ask me why I don't have one. Apparently I enjoy doing everything the hard way, haha.

4. A chocolate duvet cover
We have an awesome down alternative comforter, but it needs a cover. I still haven't found "the one."

5. A large storage coffee table
I love this one from WG&R (from Ashley's furniture, but WG&R also carries it)

6. A new rabbit.
Mine busted.

7. A wire basket
I want it for my early birthday present (the entertainment center)
Actually, I don't really like this one from Pottery Barn. I would rather have an actual vintage wire basket.

8.  Six Ruff Hewn Chargers.
They would bring a little country to my formal/modern dining room. I love eclectic <3

9. Paula Deen Stockpot
I would LOVE to make chicken noodle soup in this!

10. A clean house
*Hint hint* Hubby ;)


  1. Hope something on your list comes home with your hubby. Have a great Birthday! xx

  2. Paula Deen's cookware makes me swoon!! :)

    Does Younkers (the one in town) have any duvet covers? I looked EVERYWHERE when I we were shopping for bedding and found NOTHING.

    Happy ALMOST Birthday! :)

  3. Jenn-
    yes it does! It's hard to find because it's the same pattern as the Living Quarter sheets. It's on the end of one of those plastic clear stands kind of in between the quilt area and the sheet area (sort of by the dust ruffles).
    Though the have different styles on the younkers web site, we only have the tuxedo stripe ones at the store. I will send you a picture of it on FB.
    Thanks for the birthday wishes!

  4. Love that entertainment unit, it's so pretty! & a garlic press, haha, it's the little things in life that make us happy, right!


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