Thursday, December 3, 2009

Pine Cone Ornaments

I'll say it again: I love free stuff.

Simple. Fast. Free.

Pine cone Ornaments


-pine cone

-staple gun (equipped with long-pronged staples)




Staple twine to the top of a pine cone and make a bow. Wow, that took a whole 2 seconds! lol
I LOVE using natural elements on my trees. Unfortunately, my tree is very hodgepodge from the kids' ornament they make. This year I believe I will be buying a second, smaller tree for my dining room for me to gussy up.

Wintery Pine cone Ornament
-pine cone
-white spray paint
-staple gun (equipped with long-pronged staples)
-white ribbon


Same as above, but spray painting it and using white ribbon. These ones are nice if you don't want a rustic looking tree but still love natural elements.

If you're a big crafter, like me, then you should have all of these objects already.

I saw a bag of pine cones for sale at Walmart!!!
Okay, I'm boycotting this! The packaging used, and the cost of shipping!! Why are companies doing that?! My lord, anyone can drive at MOST a few miles and hit at least ONE pine tree!

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