Monday, October 12, 2009

More Twine Love!

Heidi from The Craft Monkey has given me a new love of twine and burlap. Okay, well, I don't have anything burlap yet, but I did buy burlap-looking throw pillows for my couch on Clearance from Walmart yesterday. Does that count?

So anyways, I had this whole bunch of twine leftover from yesterday's project. I know I said I was going to roll it all up in a ball (just like she did), but I thought, Why not do a few more accents first?

I wrapped up some terrible mosaic glass votives in it. I also made a cute bow accent for my vases.

Here's a better look at the detail: I hot glued one end of twine to the vase, wrapped that around a few times, then hot glued the end. I made a bow and hot glued that. Then I made a button and glued that to it to give it a nice finished look. I love it!

To continue my twine journey, I wrapped the base of some tapers.

And here's the whole look from the area by my piano.

I really need to paint those shelves darker. Too bad they're fake or else I would stain them.

After getting all of this done, I wrapped the remaining twine into a ball and stuck it on a cute plate on my new coffee table, just like Heidi from The Craft Monkey did in her "Some Afters..." post.

If she inspired me to do all of this fun stuff, I'm sure she will inspire you! If you didn't check out her page yesterday, you should definitely do it today! Show her some love!

We're almost at the big reveal!! Here's another picture to tide you over.

Tomorrow I have a Magic Bullet recipe for you. You won't be disappointed!

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  1. Girl nothing is going to be safe from the twine in your house!! LOL, I love it! the bow & buttons on your vase are SUPER cute! I hot glued twine to a styrofoam ball to make mine (that way you'll still have lots of twine left over for projects). thanks for all the shout outs too! you are too kind!


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