Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Cookbook Stand

We're kicking back with an easy post today.

I found this picture display easel a couple weeks ago at Walmart for only $7.97. Not too bad, right?

I figured that it's about time I have a cookbook stand, so that's what my display turned out to be. When it's not in active use, it holds a cookbook that my mother-in-law scrap booked for me years ago (maybe for Christmas?)

Isn't that a nice way to display a family treasure?
I think I may add a glaze to it to bring out some more of the bronze tones. It looks too black to me.

Here's another peek at my big project:

Well, that just looks like a bunch of rags...

Up and Coming: reupholstered ottoman, Magic Bullet recipes, more sneak peeks, and a coffee table redone (yes, I did another project).

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