Wednesday, September 30, 2009

eBay rocks!

I want everyone to know the importance of always checking eBay before you commit to buying anything.

Ya know how I haven't been posting any pictures? Well, not only is my SD card at my ma's, but my camera battery went dead, and I'm almost positive that I left the charger in a hotel 3 hours away. So I went to Walmart to look at a universal charger. $50. Ouch. So I told the associate that I was going to check my manufacturer's website first before committing to buy theirs. The manufacturer's price? $67. Double ouch. I really can't afford that right now.
So I check eBay. Almost instantly I find the one I need. $7.75. Nice! But what's the catch? I read everything thoroughly, and I couldn't find one. It came from a reputable seller, there was a 30 day money back guarantee, AND a 1 year warranty. And it's a two-way charger: a regular plug and a car charger! And here's the kicker: free shipping!! I ended up paying $8.75 because I wanted the shipping insurance, but still!

Did I score a deal or what?

So, the whole reason for this post is to mainly tell you that you're still going to wait for all my projects. It'll give me time to perfect everything, plus maybe start another one. But I promise, as soon as the charger comes in, I'll be posting some awesome things for you!

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