Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Bedroom Update

I'm almost done with the master bedroom, and I absolutely adore it!

I just need to install a double rod support, finish the rest of the baseboard, and paint 4 doors, and I'm all done!

I want to show you the progress I've made over the past couple weeks.

After moving out all the old furniture and giving the room a good vacuuming, this is what I had:
The carpet was ugly. As you can see, there's also no baseboard in the room. That's a reoccurring problem in my house.
What house doesn't have baseboard?


There's also a shelf/curtain rod combo above the window.
While I liked the display space, it's really not my style.
It had to go.

The squares on either side of the window were framed.
I actually sort of liked it.

Then I started ripping out the carpet and laying the planks.
This is after day 1:

The shelf was taken out, the bamboo blinds were ready to be cut and hung, and the flooring was 1/4 done.

I bought one dresser from a Christmas gift card (thanks Ma!), and started installing the bamboo roman shades.

In one corner, I had to strip the wall and re-mud the corner due to some water damage.
The roof near the chimney sprung a leak this past summer, and it caused a lot of paper bubbling.
Thank goodness there was no mold!

The room then received a fresh coat of paint (Foaming Waters from Dutch Boy).

The curtains were hung (using two old curtain rods). The inside curtain is short, I know. It's a thermal/light blocking curtain, and since it's behind the bed, I knew it wouldn't really matter.

The outside curtain is a drop cloth.
I can see why people love drop cloth curtains so much!
The price and texture are amazing!

Then I bought the other dresser and added two lamps from Younkers.

My husband really digs the lamps.

However, once I put the bed back in with the new bedding from West Elm...
...I realized that the lamp shades and duvet cover don't match the drop cloth curtains.
They clash terribly.

The duvet cover and lamps have more of a yellow tint.
The drop cloth curtains have more of a brown/gray tint.

Since the bedding was darned expensive, and since my husband really liked the lamps, I knew the curtains had to go.

And that's where I am today. I picked up some more curtains that I think would go better with the room. It's not a loss, really, since I can always use the drop cloths for their intended purpose....painting.

So within the next few days, I'll show you the results. It's going to be major! The room is so bright and airy! It feels luxurious and cozy.

P.S. I promise to have better quality "after" photos. I wasn't worried about snapping perfect pictures while I (and my camera) was covered in drywall dust.


  1. I can't wait to see it! It's too bad about your drop cloths. They really did look pretty amazing...

  2. I cannot wait to see the finished product!!!


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