Tuesday, October 26, 2010

10 Projects in 10 Days Recap

It was really hard for me to power through this 10-in-10 challenge.

It seems like my boss knew I was going to have a life outside of work. More hours.

It seems like my professors knew, also. Harder exams.

BUT I don't think I did too poorly.
Let's recap:

1. Winterize the outside.
I got about half done. The cushions to the expensive Lloyd's wicker set are brought in and washed. The wicker still has to come down, though. We still haven't had a freeze here, but I shouldn't wait until it's too late.
I'll give myself 5% on this. (1/2 credit, lol)

2. Winterize the indoors.
Ick. I still haven't done it. Well....actually, I did fix our furnace's humidifier. They help make you feel warmer with the thermostat set lower.
Other than that.....nadda. No film on the windows yet. In the next few weeks I'm getting my entire house winterized. We are getting insulation in our attic and the living room addition. A new energy efficient door is being put on the kitchen. A bunch of windows are getting storm windows as well. One window is being replaced. (Our attic insulation is ceiling tiles! The old owners thought that would be adequate insulation....)
So maybe after the company comes over to do all that, I will put up the film.
I'll give myself 2% for the humidifier though.

3. Finish my Christmas wish list.
Done! Yay! I usually do a post about my Christmas list, but I'll put that up closer to Christmas. My in-laws just wanted to start Christmas shopping early, so I had to make up a list early.
10% (full credit! yay!)

4. Buy the kids' Halloween costumes.
Hailey's going as Snow White. She is OBSESSED with the Disney Princesses.


John is going as Mario.

Will originally wanted to be a crash test dummy. We couldn't find that at all. We ended up getting Chucky.


5. Make a Halloween treat.

To check out how these are made, click here.
10% completed!

6. Clean both vehicles.
Done! Mine's getting pretty bad again, but that's because my van is the "family car." It gets dirty pretty fast. At one point, though, both the truck and van were sparkling clean!
10% completed

7. Sign the kids up for swimming lessons.
I'm still debating on whether or not to put Hailey in swimming lessons. I don't really think there's much more that a lifeguard can teach a baby that I wouldn't be able to. Just a waste of money, in my opinion. The boys, however, and all signed up and ready to go on November 2nd.
Not only that, but we are all signed up for a month family membership.
I love the YMCA. Hailey and I are actually going for a swim in about 2 hours =D
But now I'm sitting with two gym memberships....haha.
10% completed.
Can I give myself extra credit for the family membership? Just kidding ;)

8. Cut the trim for the insides of the kitchen cabinets.
Ooops. Completely forgot about that one. I didn't even buy the trim. Oh well.
0% completed

9. Finish taking the glue of the stairs.
I tried doing this every...single...day. Though I definitely made progress, it's still far from done.
I'll give myself 5% on that one.

10. Book a mother/daughter salon appointment.
Done! I booked two Express manicures and pedicures. That's the one where they do the works to you, haha. I couldn't get side-by-side ones until November 24th, though. It's going to be great having some mother-daughter time. They are so few are far between.   <3

Let's tally that up......

72% completed.

Oh well.
I got more done than if I wouldn't have challenged myself, however.
So I think it was a success!

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  1. Nice work! If Will still wants to be a Crash Test Dummy next year, I have the Targets (they're stickers) and can probably find him a jumpsuit. Just let me know. :)


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