Thursday, September 23, 2010


My daughter loves to draw.

She's the new family artist.

I know that she's just trying to help Mommy make everything pretty.

Luckily Magic Eraser takes everything off.

Actually, I'm not even mad that she drew on the kitchen walls.

And I'll tell you why in a few days when I reveal my latest project!

On a completely unrelated note, I am forever grateful for all of the support I receive from each and every one of you.
You gals are my rock!

 Unfortunately, it has come to my attention that one of my readers (not listed as a Follower) is not so supportive.

Let me explain:
1. She makes fun of my Facebook status updates.
I update my friends/family on what I have done or will do in my day. I'm a very busy mother. My day is very busy. She believes that it's a bragging tool.
It's to keep my real friends/family up to date on my life because it's the only way I keep contact with them.

2. She discovered my blog, and made fun of the "Superwoman" title.
First off, it's okay for me to name my blog whatever I want. Secondly, Superwoman, to me, is my journey to become just like my mother, who has always been my idol, my "Superwoman."

The intentions of this blog is not to brag about my life, it is to give tricks/tips/recipes/funny stories to the rest of the world. I like sharing what I know or what I have done to inspire my readers.

I know this doesn't pertain to mostly any of you, but I thought I would clear this up right away.

My advice for any haters:
If the only reason you hate me is because of my accomplishments, then you should go out in the world and make your own accomplishments.
Stop dwelling on mine.....

....or at least stop reading my blog.



  1. Oh she (whoever she is) needs to get a life!!!! It's just jealousy that you have such fab ideas, and she obviously has nothing better to do wuith her time than put you (and who knows who else) down.

    She is certainly not worth stressing over :-)


  2. B- I think you are every bit of what I think a superwoman is. You do it all, and with a smile on your face, you don't let life get you down, you don't let kids, marriage, or finances control you. You are the most positive person who's blog I love to read. Now granted I've not checked out your facebook, I too update mine constantly, and it's stuff I'm sure no one really cares about, but guess what, those pesky turd faces don't have to read it! Keep your head up, and keep blogging your goodies! They inspire me!

  3. Hey, I dont know you but you keep doing what you are doing. You really should not have to explain yourself to anyone. I feel that there are people out there that just wake up to make others miserable or try very hard too. Only because they have no life. I enjoy reading your blogs and appreciate you taking the time to share them with total strangers. Dont worry about the dumbasses in this world...

  4. Don't let people get you down. People are just jealous. ((hugs))


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