Sunday, August 22, 2010

Projects Coming Soon


Just breathe.

Sorry, I have to remind myself of that sometimes.

I just finished up one restoration project (that you will get to see soon).
I will be finishing up a magnet project that I did with my daughter tomorrow. It's for her metal board on her new desk.

Oh, not to mention that my daughter, once again, drew on her walls.
This time it was with pen, though.
Mr. Clean helped me out...
I love Magic Erasers. They work on everything (except red permanent marker, hehe).

So two projects are almost done.

Then my grandma stopped by yesterday to see if I restored something that she recently gave me.
I hadn't....
So that's what I'm doing tomorrow after work.

And did I mention that I HATE paint stripper?

My son's bed is also broken. Stupid cheap Walmart bed...
So I told him that I would make him the loft one from Knock Off Wood.

Then our eldest decided that he also wanted a loft bed....

The plans also come with a built-in desk and bookcases, but to save money, I'm just going to stick their current desks under there.

At first, I was reluctant about building them both beds, but then I realized how much space I could free up in their small bedrooms.

I've decided they will get their loft beds......some day......when I have time.


  1. Those beds are going to be awesome when you get them done! Can't wait to see the progress & afters!

    {Maybe you should give in and paint your daughter's wall by her desk with chalk paint, give her some chalk and let her have it!} :)


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