Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I'm loving the crisp, clean feeling of white right now.

I also love fresh flowers in the house.

I've decided that I want lilies in the gardens. They have beautiful, showy flowers.
They are perfect for my hardiness zone.

It looks great with the clippings from my flowering bush (no idea was species the bush is!)

My daisies are blooming, too!


Anyways, I know everyone in anxious to see the bookcases!
Again, they've been finished forever now.
I've gotten my baskets, but now I just need to find the time and patience to decorate it.
Right now everything is just kind of tossed on there.

Hopefully on Thursday...


  1. is that just string wrapped around a can? Looks cute.

  2. I love white too -- especially in flowers -- so pretty! Your flowers are gorgeous!

  3. LOVE white!! And Lilies are my favorite! I just realized I don't have any white ones growing though, just some stargazers and tiger lilies....and daylilies, guess I need to plant some more!!


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