Monday, June 28, 2010

A Lemon?

I love browsing the "As Is" section of stores. Most flaws are either not noticeable or easily fixable.

For instance:

At Bed Bath & Beyond, I found these two matching stools:

Both were in the "As Is" section.

One was marked $12.98 because the pieces didn't align up properly, as in "Manufacturer's Defect," but in fact it was just the store personnel's fault. They put it together wrong. I fixed it.

The matching stool was marked $2.98 (Not a typo!) because it was missing the wooden plugs to go over the screws.
That's a 98 cent fix from Menards.

They were originally $39.99

So...instead of paying $60 for the pair, I paid $17.

Moral of the Story:
Someone else's opinion of "broken" (whether it be objects or people) may be "perfect" in your opinion.

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  1. Yeehaw! ;-) Great find, I LOVE when that happens! This wasn't at a store but my sister found me an awesome double stroller at a yard sale for $4 because the lady had lost one of the pieces...when my sister brought it over and tried to fix it she discovered that nothing was missing and the lady had put it together wrong! Wooo!


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