Saturday, April 10, 2010

Playhouse Address

I wanted my kids' playhouse to have it's own address. It really makes it seem like their own haven.

So I stained a cheap plaque from Walmart.

I used my Cricut to make stencils on contact paper, placed it on my plaque, and blotted some black paint on it.

I carefully peeled off the contact paper.

Then I mounted it to the playhouse.

Did you notice that I also added a barn star?
I've got a thing for barn stars...

Well, the weather will be up to 59 degrees tomorrow. It's already 52 degrees right now.
We are flying kites with the kiddos in half an hour, then watching the Brewers dominate the Cardinals while grilling some steaks.
If the weather's still fine, I'm going back out to work on that playhouse.
I'll keep you updated!


  1. So cute. The playhouse is amazing and I love the "official" address.

  2. Hello Brittany,

    I absolutely love this "how to idea" for a playhouse address.

    My passion is kids playhouses so this post was of great interest to me.

    I was wondering if you'd consider me using some of this information for my blog ( I would provide a link to your blog and credit you for this idea.

    Please let me know!



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