Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Day 3: Frozen Veggies

Day 3: Frozen Veggies
I admit, I don't always buy fresh veggies. Doctors always preach "Buy fresh whenever you can," but what about those times that you can't?
I don't grocery shop every day! I go 2-3 weeks (sometimes more) between shopping. By that time, my fruits and veggies are rotten.

We all buy canned. Right?

After tracking my diet for a few days, I've come to realize that my diet (which is pretty healthy compared to many) consists of WAY too much sodium. The max you should have is 2,300mg a day. Seems like a lot, right? NOPE!

Let's look at one serving (not an entire can...) of yummy canned asparagus. 430mg of sodium! YUCK! And most people salt their veggies during cooking. Are we trying to kill ourselves?! haha

Anyway, when researching low sodium diets, I had a "duh" moment.
Frozen veggies don't need all those preservatives.

So that's your project today: Donate all your canned goodness to the nearest food drive and go get some frozen ones.
Bonus: Canned veggies don't help heal a black eye, frozen ones do ;)

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