Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Guess where I'm going?

We are going to a UW Schools Studen Senate Gayla (spelled right?)
Anyways, I have never been away from my kids for more than overnight, so I'm excited/nervous about this!

I have a dress being shipped in from New York. That's how excited I am.

Beautiful Madison, I haven't seen you since I was almost too young to remember...

And do you know what they have in Madison???

Yeah yeah, sure they have the capitol...

...but I can't wait to step foot in...

...POTTERY BARN!! hehe

I've never been to one, can you tell?

So I know this place is extremely expensive. I've visited their site. It's crazy.
So I'm going to scour the place for ideas. Maybe a Clearance item or two.

I think I can make these:

Shape some steel wool, spray paint it black (dark brown?) and stick a Dollor Tree votive in it.
Thanks for the idea, Pottery Barn!

I also have my eyes set on these:

They are pretty cheap for the set of 6. I love the numbers on them!

And I'm sure that Pottery Barn must have other things not listed on their site, so we'll see what I come home with!


  1. Haha..You're not going to be impressed at Pottery Barn because you can probablymake everything they have to offer for 1/10th of the price. :)

    Have fun!

  2. Oh... I have never been to an "actual pottery barn store" either! But I love stores that are beautifully staged, I hope it is! p.s. just looking at your bathroom vanity organizing idea, that is a great idea!

  3. Hi Brittany! I tagged you in my blog today :-) http://toteslife.blogspot.com/2010/02/wednesday-pick-me-up.html

  4. Love your header very cute!! glad I stopped by... and now a follower!


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