Monday, January 11, 2010

Island Centerpieces

(sigh)... I can't tell you how much I love having my island functioning as an actual island.
If you missed my kitchen transformation, check it out here:

I'm a centerpiece freak. My coffee table and dining room table must always have a centerpiece on it. Actually, so does my patio table, my patio coffee table, my bistro get the idea, right?

So with the island in the middle of my kitchen, it gave me a great opportunity to fiddle with different ways to accent it.

You could try a bowl of fruit...

Or a vase of fresh cut flowers...

A cake dome has a way of making even box brownies look good...

For a more permanent fix, you could go with a simple plant...

Or set the mood with a candle centerpiece...

So what do you do for centerpieces??


  1. I love centerpieces too. I am a glass girl, so a lot of them include glass. I also use a lot of flowers. And 'junk' and candles, and... LOL

  2. I love fresh cut flowers or candle centerpieces in my home! I love your kitchen it looks so warm and cozy!


  3. I don't really do centerpieces. I guess it's because of having 3 boys it seems like something is always getting broken if it's left out in the open. LOL. I have several built in shelves to hold the things I really love. I figure that when my guys are grown and gone I will have a beautifully decorated home. But for now, the minimalistic (is that even a word?) decor is our thing.

  4. I love centerpieces, but keep moving them out of the way - argh. Oh well, one day.


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