Sunday, November 29, 2009

Faux Shutter Headboard

I showed you these tiny shutters I scored a while ago.
I had to have them! I got busy on this project right away.
I took some existing hardware off the sides and used it to fuse these shutters together.
Don't be wasteful, right? Anyways, this is what it looked like at that point.
After tediously repairing the slats (they were just falling everywhere!) and giving it a few good coats of my trusty white spray paint, it was ready to hang above my daughter's bed. A faux headboard.
It looked a bit bare, so I popped on a wreath that I found while thrift shopping, and it felt complete.
My daughter was given strict instructions not to ruin this, because I'm thinking it will have a permanent place above this built-in bed. Then again, those instructions probably fall on deaf ears, being only a 1-year-old.
This is what it turned out to be:
Much better!
Anyways, after a few nerve-wracking roadblocks, I'm plugging along quite fast on my new reveal. Though I still see the final product to be months away, I already have some sneak peeks for you!
I have a busy week coming up, but I will try my best to complete all my promised projects!


  1. I'm infatuated with shutters! Thanks for linking up to our Favorites of 2009 Party! :-)



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