Friday, November 6, 2009


The staircase is completely done!
I was going to show you it tonight, but I'm pooped.
Plus I have a crazy hard exam tomorrow morning that I need to study for.
And I need to make supper soon.
So.....yeah, you're waiting one more day.

But I'll give you a little peek:

And here's a little quirk of mine:
I like to work out in the workshop in my husband's shoes.
I don't like dragging sawdust all over my house, and his shoes are easier to quick slip on since I make 1,000 trips from the house to the workshop every day.
He thinks I'm weird ;)

1 comment:

  1. know how I combat the not dragging in stuff from the zillion trips to the garage?? I wear FLIP FLOPS! Adam could just kill me! Someday he's gonna give me a big fat "I told ya so" when I step on a nail (which I've already went through my shoe but I lifted my foot fast enough that it only poked my foot) or cut myself or drop something on my foot. Until then...flip flops work for me! haha!


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