Monday, October 5, 2009

Vinyl Decal

I'm back!

Did you miss me?

Well, I obviously got my camera charger in. It works wonderfully and I couldn't be more pleased. So I got a bunch of pictures taken today, and I will be sharing with you my endeavors in my absence.

We're going to start off small.

I got this vinyl wall decal from a great seller on Etsy name Freckled Hound.

When I saw it, I knew I had to have it.

My fondest memories are made in the evening around our cozy dining room table.

I had this awkward space from my foyer table being not centered, but yet I didn't want to center the table. I wanted to fill the wall space.

Do you think it looks much better, too?

You're going to notice that in my upcoming projects, I won't have any "before" pictures. Not having a camera was not going to stop me from doing my projects. I will try to describe the "before's" as well as I can for you!

Anyways, remember I showed you that old basement window, and I said that it would be a long time until you saw that again? Well, it may only be a few more weeks. I've been a well-oiled machine lately. Want a sneak peek?

Coming up: Art for the Music Lover, Reupholstered ottoman, some fun Magic Bullet recipes (made more tonight, but we ate it too fast!), and, of course, more sneak peaks of my huge project.

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