Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Touch Of Luxury

This one's going to be a long one, folks, so bear (bare?) with me!
Are you ready to see what's been consuming my life for the past 2 weeks?

It's my bathroom!

This is what it looked like before...

I didn't necessarily hate it. The shower curtain was leftover from my old apartment, so when we bought our house, it just came with. I designed the bathroom around that curtain.

(hehe, there's a burned out light...)
My step dad, Wayne, actually really liked my bathroom. Even though he is a child of the hippie days, he has an odd modern taste. You should see some of the vehicles he fixes up! So fun! Purple steering wheel? Check! Lime green brake pads? Check!

So it's no wonder that he liked this bathroom. My good friend, Kayleigh, helped me do this.

Though I appreciate everyone's wonderful comments on this old bathroom, I couldn't have it anymore.

1. I painted in flat. Who does that in a bathroom?!
2. The rest of my house is more eclectic. Except my bedroom. The modern is being toned down gradually, but I love it!

3. It's a small bathroom, and with the dark colors, it just makes it worse.

It had to go.


So, here's what I got!

Ooooo, it feels like I can breathe again in there!

Here's that old basement window! I pressed some flowers, painted and distressed the window, ordered some glass, and stuck the pressed flowers between the glass! Now, I've seen a lot of things done with old windows (tables, mirrors, chalkboards, message boards, pot racks) but I can honestly say that this is an original idea of mine! Please, steal away!!!

And then we move onto the mirror. Oh my gosh I almost passed out when I saw this at St. Vincent's! It was a terrible red, and beaten. I loved it! I gave it a fresh coat of white stain, distressed it (so that you can see the red, I'm nostalgic), and added a cute ball to the bottom to hide a screw hole and to have a place to hide my ponies (scrunchies, elastics, watches, etc) while I'm showering. Awesome idea, right?!

Here's a closer look at the ball. I tied some ribbon to it to go with the vase next to the mirror.

Here's a closeup of the flowers in the vase. A touch of luxury......(sigh.....)

My new moto: It's all in the details.

It's really true. I loved finding this knob at Menards.

Let's accessorize!

Let's see....The yellow Yankee Candle I got from Younkers for only 99 cents (people want to kill me now...) Let me explain: a customer returned it. It was wedding gift from 2 years ago. It went through our system: regular price, sale price, clearance, yellow dot, price point. Price point is 99 cents. So she got the full return price, but then I bought it for "that day's" price of 99 cents.

Do you need any more reasons to apply to Younkers?

Anyways, the lotion pump is from Bed Bath & Beyond.

The mounted soup dish is from Younkers as well (only paid around $3 for that)

These shower curtain hooks are what I had on hold at Younkers. Only paid around $10 a set. They are Croscill, so they are definitely worth the price. I fell in love as soon as they hit the store. I will pay extra for something I love.

I also picked up some towels from Younkers. The bath towel is only $2.97 as a Bonus Buy! And the price goes down from there for the hand and fingertip towels. Hurry up! The sale is ending soon!

Let's see....these I both got at Younkers. About $1.50 each item (yes, that's a Comfort Candle for only $1.50!)

I love my job =)

Here's a wider shot of that corner. More towels from Younkers (you can also find these at our sister stores: Elder Beerman, Boston Store, Herbergers, Bergner's, Carson Pirie Scott, or our parent company: BonTon)

Notice my awesome towel display skills, lol. Things I learn on the job.

Here's the rug I picked up from Younkers for $13. I NEEDED to have this. It looks like rags, but it was worth it! It gives a modern touch to the room.

This is a towel/robe hook that I picked up at Walmart. It cost $7.97 on Sale. I could have went for the cheap $3 one, but remember "it's all in the details"

I wanted something better ;)

Here's one of my favorite features of the bathroom: the shower curtains.

Since I wanted the curtains to go from the floor to the ceiling, I needed to have a longer shower curtain.

So I bought two white paneled tuxedo striped curtains from Younkers, and one chocolate tuxedo striped one from KMart. My mom/expert seamstress (Superwoman?) made these for me.

Didn't she do an awesome job?!
And here comes the disappointment:

Right where that arrow is pointing to. Yeah, that's supposed to be a wall decal from an Etsy seller that I ordered weeks ago.

I'm not going to link to the seller, because I don't want anyone ordering from them.

They have a perfect rating, but I don't know how. I finally got an invoice saying that they just shipped it today, after two f-ing weeks. Oh man.....I'm irate.

Here's what will go up there ...

Wouldn't that be cool? IF it was here.....Oh don't get me started!

This is the ambiance that I get when the lights are off. There's a window behind that curtain (wait until I get a new tub/tub surround. You'll love those posts!)
No, I didn't put this is black/white. It just came out that way with the lights off.

Now excuse me while I enjoy that yummy glass of white wine ;)

Coming up: Pumpkin Pie recipe, Love for Everything Chalkboard, Making some Topiaries, Staircase Redo, Chronicles of 31 Days to a Better Dressed Nest, Wall Sconce Redo, My New BIG REVEAL, and of course, pumpkin carving with my kids.

A lot? You bet! Stay tuned!

This renovations is part of The DIY Showoff's Suprise Party: Home Improvement Makeovers.

If you arent' a follower of this blog, you need to be! It's creater, Roeshel, is an amazing woman. Her attention and dedication to each one of her followers (big and small) is so impressive.

She makes every person feel special! Check out her site and FOLLOW HER!


  1. LOVE the wall color! Do you have actualy wainscoating on the bottom or did you just put a chair rail up for separation?

    Thanks for the blog comment by the way! I made Will stand in front of it yesterday and read it with me...LOL! And thanks for the handwriting comment. Lettering I can do...painting not so much. Weird, right? LOL! :)

  2. The wall color: I read this is a magazine a long time ago- use the same color, only alternating the sheen to achieve the tuxedo stripe look. It was done in Maine Harbor.

    That's not wainsboating. Just painted. The chair rail is from the previous owner, so why not take advantage of it? I love faux for the look of $$$.

    I wish I could to lettering. My "Music Lovers" post had to be done with indentations, or else I can't do it. I have terrible natural handwritting, which is odd considering I'm a decent painter.

    In the next few months I'm going to be doing a givaway on some of my old paintings. Keep an eye out for them! I already gave a $^&# ton to my friend that's a big fan of my work.


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