Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Magic Bullet Mousse

I'm going to share with you one of my favoriter, and oh so easy, Magic Bullet recipes.

I recived the Magic Bullet for a wedding present (I believe my sister-in-law, but I could be wrong) and I love it every second.

I found that it will even grind coffee beans (sigh.....)
Anyways, everything that in parenthases () and bold are MY words. Everthing else comes straight from their cookbook.

Chocolate Mousse
You will think you died and went to Heaven...all for about 4 seconds worth of effort. This rich and tantalizingly decadent desert will impress everyone who tastes it.

1/4 heavy cream
2 tbs. chocolate syrup
(I never measure these out. It's a waste of time to be precise in this recipe)
First... (Using the Flat Blade) Add the ingredients to the Short Cup and blend until smooth. (The motor sound will change to a "whirrrrr" when it's ready)
Then... Serve. (I like to serve mine in martini or margarita glasses to give us a further sense of luxury, lol)

Notes: This makes one serving. For more servings, double of triple the recipe. (Duh...)
Serving Suggestions: Using the Flat Blade, grind a few chocolate chips up in the Short Cup.Twist on the Shaker/Steamer Top and sprinkle a little on the top of your chocolate mousse.

You can also whip some cream (they have a recipe for that also on pg. 25 in their cookbook) and add a dollop to the top of each serving of chocolate mouse.

(We also like to add crushed oreos to ours. Experiment a little!)

Looks yummy!

Anyways, stick around for tomorrow for some giggles! You don't want to miss it! (Yes, that means you'll have to wait until Thursday for the big reveal!)

Speaking of the big reveal, let's give you another sneak peek!

Almost there guys!

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