Saturday, September 26, 2009


I hate how my new project turned out. I'll hopefully be redoing it tonight (and working on a speech that I need to give Monday), so hopefully I will have something for you soon!

So today, I'm going to show you an awesome deal I scored.

Remember the letter P that I got at Bed Bath & Beyond? Well, I went back there today because I was mad that I passed up this awesome "PEACE" sign for only $9.99 on Clearance. I got to the register, and when the sweet girl rang it through, only $4.99! I also picked up another letter. "J" for my son's name.

Don't mind the dust on the bookshelf. I have a tendency to not dust anything that I can't see. I should probably do that...

I'm still not sold on the sconce above the PEACE. Until I find something better, there it will stay. Maybe I'll give it away one of these days. One woman's trash is another woman's treasure!

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